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Arsenal’s history one day at a time

This series takes a look at what was happening to Arsenal and in the world around them on this day at one point in Arsenal’s past.

Arsenal anniversaries 2 May – 8 May

2 May 1891: Arsenal vote to become the first professional club in the south

2 May 2019: Arsenal beat Valencia in the Europa on 2 May

3 May 1893: It’s Arsenal day (also 1971 and 1998)

4 May 1976: Bertie Mee leaves Arsenal

4 May 1998: Arsenal win the league and Adams scores – the video

5 May: Arsenal smash four past Villa: the video

5 May 1966: just 4554 turn up for a league game

6 May: The stadium banner of some AISA members and fellow supporters on Match of the Day

6 May 1991, 1998, 2018. Winning the league before kick off and saying goodbye

7 May 2006: the video of the last ever match at Highbury

7 May 2006: the last match at Highbury and the battle for fourth

8 May 2005: Arsenal beat Liverpool 3-1 on this day – the video

8 May: the double, the cup, the unbeaten season, and a wartime trophy

29 April 2002: It’s all Freddie

As the third double approaches….

28 April 2014: How to beat Newcastle

26 April 1975: when Arsenal decided Tottenham’s fate

25 April 1895: Continuing Arsenal play the splitters

Royal Ordnance Factories 0 Woolwich Arsenal 0. 

In 1892/3 Woolwich Arsenal was embroiled in a battle with their ground landlord and his supporters inside the club, which resulted ultimately in Woolwich Arsenal leaving their old ground and joining the Football League while the landlord and others formed a new club (Royal Ordnance Factories FC) and joining the Southern League.  They played on grounds opposite each other and for some time were mortal enemies but this match showed they had resolved their differences to some degree by 1895.  Further matches followed.

The battle within Royal Arsenal FC (which became Woolwich Arsenal FC when the club became a limited company) was between the working men within the club committee and the more middle class elements, and looking back it does look like a classic class battle.

The working men within Woolwich Arsenal FC wanted the players to be paid and for their work with the club, and for the club to be part of the professional Football League (of which there were two divisions at this time). Those who left to form Royal Ordnance Factories FC felt that football should be a game played by amateurs.

Looking back at such reports that survive it appears that the directors of Royal Ordnance Factories FC seriously believed that working men did not have the ability to run a football club, and needed the middle class men with a background in business to do this.

However as that ideological battle was gradually lost the business elements tried a number of dirty tricks, including seeking to persuade the landlord of the Manor Ground to appear to accept Woolwich Arsenal as tenants and allow them to spend considerable sums building a new stand and getting the ground ready for league football, but then at the last to renege on the deal, thus effectively making all the directors of Woolwich Arsenal FC bankrupt.

However the landlord of the Manor Ground was made of a stronger brand of moral fibre, and he refused the deal.

Royal Ordnance Factories did struggle on for a few years, but never gained the support that Woolwich Arsenal did and joined the Southern League, but eventually, its tiny crowds forced it into liquidation mid-season.

Arsenal anniversaries 25 April -1 May

25 April 1985: Continuing Arsenal play the splitters

25 April 2004: Arsenal won the league for the second time at WHL

26 April 1975: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 0; Arsenal decide Tottenham’s fate

26 April 1975: Arsenal v Tottenham the video

27 April 2018: Arsenal v Atletico Madrid

27 April 2004: Thierry Henry voted player of the year

28 April 1934: Remembering Joe Shaw

28 April 2014: How to be Newcastle (the video)

29 April 1950: Arsenal win the FA Cup

29 April 2002: It’s all Freddie as the double approaches

30 April 2008: The craziest Arsenal tour ever

1 May 2006: Sunderland 0 Arsenal 3 – the video

Arsenal anniversaries 18 April – 24 April

18 April 1998: Arsenal 5 Wimbledon 0

18 April 2006: Henry gets angry but Arsenal still smash Charlton: the video

19 April 1975: 17th in the league – just above Tottenham

20 April 2000: Thierry’s amazing goal against Lens – the video

20 April 2018: Arsene Wenger announces he is leaving

21 April 1930: Leicester 6 Arsenal 6

21 April 2009: Arshavin scores four at Anfield: the video

22 April 2006: Final Highbury north London Derby

22 April 2018: BBC’s Match of the Day focuses on the AISA “Football should be an art” banner

23 April 1997: Death of Dennis Compton

23 April 2017: It’s Man City, It’s Man City, oh Arsenal won

16 April: winning the FA Cup semi-final… in Wales

Beating West Ham on Bergkamp Day (15 April 2014)

Arsenal anniversaries 11 April – 17 April

11 April 1977: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 0

11 April 2009: Wigan 1 Arsenal 4 – the video

12 April 2014: Arsenal equal the record number of FA Cup semi-finals.

12 April 1913, 2014, 2018: From relegation onward

13 April 1895: First ever Arsenal player to get representative honours

13 April 2013: Arsenal v Norwich – penalty or not a penalty. The video

14 April 1914: When the ultimate newspaper of record can’t even get Arsenal’s name right

15 April 1921: To the away game by coach (in an era without proper roads)

15 April 2014: Beating West Ham on Bergkamp Day

16 April 1977: It’s Freddie’s birthday

16 April 2005: Beating Blackburn in the cup semi-final in Wales – the video

17 April 1922: The incredible Bob John (who played 470 games for Arsenal) signed

17 April 1926: Chapman’s new team beats Chapman’s old team