Glimpse of our history

The Arsenal History Society celebrates and records Arsenal’s history, and at the same time engaging with the club and with its fans to find ways of celebrating Arsenal’s past. Here are just a few headlines from the club’s 134 years (and counting).

The early years

Having become the first club in the south of England to turn professional in 1891, Arsenal soon found themselves under attack.

It happened in August

Some of the key events that have happened over the years to the club during August.

Arsenal’s Greatest Visionary

Who has been Arsenal’s greatest visionary leader of all time?

How well is the history of Arsenal recorded?

The history of Arsenal is well recorded, and we all know what happened. Sometimes. . .

George Allison – unsung hero

George Allison was involved with Woolwich Arsenal from around 1906 when he started writing about the club in the Fleet Street press.

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