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Denton ‘The Bear’ Connell

A member has written to us: ‘I’m a producer at HOPE not hate, the anti-fascist group. I’m looking to tell the story of Denton Connell, ‘The Bear’, particularly how he kept the NF at bay in Highbury…

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Remembering David Rocastle

Rocky died twenty years ago (March 31 2001). Yet he’s still loved and revered by supporters. The Rocky Rocastle chant was heard at most matches in the days when we…
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Bob Wilson introduces Willow

Willow is the only national charity working with seriously ill young adults aged 16 to 40 to fulfil uplifting and unforgettable Special Days. Founded by former Arsenal goalkeeper and TV…

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A JOINT MESSAGE FROM AISA, AST (The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust) and SILVER MEMBERS’ REPRESENTATIVE On Friday afternoon, 27 February, AST, AISA and the Fans’ Forum Silver member representative were invited…

Your questions about My Arsenal Rewards

Supporters will be aware that the Club is planning to launch the ‘My Arsenal Rewards’ scheme at the start of 2021/22 season. Members will receive a new card which will…