17 May 2014: FA Cup Final. Arsenal v Hull

17 May 2014

FA Cup Final – Arsenal v Hull.  

This was the era of total and absolute negative coverage of Arsenal on the media and by a noisy minority of fans. 

Radio 5 carried an interview with some Hull fans getting ready to travel to London.  Which was fair enough except then the announcement came “well, we had better put some Arsenal balance into this…”   And that balance was provided by a member of the Arsenal Supporters Trust hierarchy whose main point was that if Arsenal were to lose today Mr Wenger had to go.  The media loved it.

What they got less excited about was the fact that Arsenal equalled the all-time record for most final appearances (something they would soon exceed), and Arsène Wenger made it five cup wins with Arsenal (something he would quickly exceed too).. 

Hull took a 2-0 lead but Arsenal fought back to 3-2 with Ramsey scoring the winner.  There is a video of the highlights on the Arsenal History Society website today.