Today of all days

Arsenal’s history one day at a time

This series takes a look at what was happening to Arsenal and in the world around them on this day at one point in Arsenal’s past.

Arsenal anniversaries 28 March – 3 April

28 March 1896: The local derby

28 March 2006: Arsenal 2 Juventus 0; the video

29 March 1973: Marc Overmars birthday

29 March 2008: Two goals down and Diaby sent off, but Bolton get their comeuppance

30 March 1915: Henry Norris, Arsenal’s chairman, put forward the idea of Supporters Battalions.

31 March 1919: The victory cup

31 March 2001: A minutes’ silence for David Rocastle, then taking Tottenham apart (the video)

1 April 2006: Arsenal knock in five against Villa – the video

2 April 1915: The day the greatest match-fixing scandal of all time in the league, began

3 April 1991: Platt goes in goal and Arsenal win – the video

3 April 2004: The media get ready to expose the sheer pretentiousness of the talk about an Arsenal “unbeaten season”. Except…

Arsenal anniversaries 21 March – 27 March

21 March 1966: Martin Hayes born

22 March 1976: Bertie Mee announces he will leave the club at the end of the season

23 March 1910: When Tottenham tried to buy Arsenal

23 March 2004: Arsenal v Everton – the video

24 March 1951: Dave Bowen made his first team début 

25 March 1932: Looking for another trophy

25 March: Chelsea 1 Arsenal 3 the video – and how players used to celebrate

26 March 1927: The start of the journey towards being the most successful cup club of all time.

26 March 2019: Arsenal 3 Al Nasar 2 – the video

27 March 1909: The tale of the Arsenal man who ran away to Scotland

27 March 1983: Arsenal beat Villa in the cup – the video

16 March 2014: The wonderful Rosicky screamer against Tottenham – the video

14 March: When Arsenal needed two but knocked in three (the video)

Arsenal anniversaries 14 – 20 March

14 March 1908: When fans set fire to the stadium

14 March: When Arsenal needed two but knocked in three

15 March 1884: When studying Arsenal, beware the single source

15 March 2018: Beating Milan – the video

16 March 1962: Beware the untried manager!

16 March 2014: That wonderful Rosicky screamer against Tottenham

17 March 1949: Pat Rice’s birthday

17 March 2002: Beating Villa away – the video

18 March 1910: Arsenal call in the liquidators

18 March 2006: Henry gets angry as Arsenal smash Charlton

19 March 1992: Remembering the passing of Jack Kelsey

19 March 2016: Beating Brighton away

20 March 1937: Bob John’s last game

20 March 2004: Did the unbeatables do ordinary? Apparently not

11 March 2017: Arsenal v Lincoln, the video

Arsenal anniversaries 7-13 March

7 March 1927: being hammered by the Hammers

7 March 2022: Arsenal beat West Ham – the video

8 March 2003 and 8 March 2013: the strange tale of Francis Jeffers

9 March 2008: St Totteringham’s Day

9 March 2015: Arsenal and Wenger approach the FA Cup record

10 March 1905: Chelsea founded, and why that really helped Arsenal.

10 March 2019: Xhaka scores wonder goal against Manchester United – the video

11 March 1972: The impact of Newcastle

11 March 2017: Arsenal v Lincoln – the video

12 March 1900: Arsenal’s biggest ever win

12 March 2006: The Supreme Player – the video

13 March 1957: The death of George Allison, one of the absolutely most important men in the club’s history

13 March 2013: Beating Bayern Munich away

9 March: securing Arsenal’s eternal place in Cup history

On 9 March 2015 the score was Manchester United 1 Arsenal 2 in the sixth round of the cup.  It was the second time Arsenal had won in Manchester in the season, and revenge for the defeat by Manchester United in the league at the Arsenal Stadium. 

Manchester United received a shocking seven yellow cards, with Di Maria getting two and so departing early. Monreal and Welbeck scored in a game that became famous for Arsenal’s change of tactics.

By winning this FA Cup match Arsenal secured their 28th FA Cup semi-final.  The win also secured a place in history for Arsene Wenger. He had already had more semi-finals to his name than any other manager (10) and with this win took his number to 11.

By the time Arsene Wenger left Arsenal he had won the FA Cup seven times which overtook the record of George Ramsey who won the cup six times between 1887-1920. The only other multiple winner as a manager was Sir Alex Ferguson whose three FA Cups seems rather small by comparison. Mr Wenger’s triumphs ran from 1998 to 2017. It is a record very unlikely ever to be overtaken.

Speaking after to the FA Mr Wenger said, “Personally, I’m very proud of the record, because I’m a little French boy coming to England and this competition now exists for 150 years and I’ve won it more than anybody else,” he said.

“Of course, I don’t hide it and I’m very proud of that because it’s not easy and it means when you stay for 22 years, basically every three years I won the FA Cup. I’m very proud of that because it shows a remarkable consistency and that I had a huge respect for this competition as well.“Let’s wait until somebody beats me and even then…I think I was the first foreign manager to win the Premier League and then have the record in the FA Cup so overall I think I didn’t do too badly in the English game.”

“I’ll never forget in ’98 when we won the first double, you walk through Islington to go to the city and you realise the number of people who are there and how happy they are – you want them to feel that again.