There has been much on social media and in The Athletic about how the club suspended many membership accounts for suspected ticket touting activity.

The club has contacted us to explain the actions they took. In their official statement, they say,

This was a targeted operation aimed at stamping out ticket touting. Together with our supporters we care deeply about this issue and we continue to take action against touts who break our terms and conditions to buy tickets. We remind all supporters to only buy tickets through our official ticketing platform and the Ticket Exchange, and not by unauthorised means.

As we understand it, sixteen accounts will be banned for using automated bot technology to buy tickets via Ticket Exchange. This is strictly against the club’s T&Cs.

Tickets not bought through Ticket Exchange will be cancelled, but Memberships will be reinstated

In addition, 332 accounts have been suspended for buying tickets from these members via social media groups, not via Ticket Exchange. These Memberships will be reinstated, but the tickets the Members have purchased will be cancelled and will go on sale again, through Ticket Exchange.

The club tells us that supporters affected have received a further email communication on this today. They go on to ask us to remind Members to only buy through Ticket Exchange. and, in their words, ‘Those who break ticketing terms and conditions do so at the expense of other supporters attempting to acquire tickets through official platforms.’

This is all part of the club’s targeted attempts to reduce and cut out touting. The problem will only continue to get worse as demand for tickets continues to grow with the team’s successes, and we support the club in its efforts to stem the tide.

Have you been affected? Do you think this is fair? Let us know and we’ll follow up your comments with the club.


  1. £93 to watch Porto so if you can get a ticket cheaper elsewhere then people will

    Reduce all the hospitality etc and let fans get more tickets

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