Today of all days

Arsenal’s history one day at a time

This series takes a look at what was happening to Arsenal and in the world around them on this day at one point in Arsenal’s past.

Remembering games against Southampton

As we have no videos of games played on days in June we are taking a look at games against indivdual teams. Today it’s Southampton.

Arsenal v Newcastle the historic videos

Arsenal v Man U: the historic videos

As we don’t have videos of the handful of games Arsenal have played in June we are continuing our review of historic videos against specific teams. Today it is Manchester United.

Arsenal beat Man U 3-1 – with Elton John introducing the game
 18 December 1976

Arsenal v Manchester United 1994: 22 March 1994

Watch Anelka score against Man U  17 February 1998

Freddie scores against Man U on his debut 20 Sept 1998

Giggs misses an open goal as Arsenal sweep Man U aside 15 Feb 2003

Great wins over Manchester City: the videos

We have paused the day by day account of games played on this day, because so few Arsenal games were played in June. But instead, we are taking a look at a few games against our main rivals across the years.

Today it is Manchester City

Arsenal v Man City 1 September 1991

Beating Man City 5-0 28 October 2000

Watch Arsenal beat Man City 5-1 away on this day: 22 February 2003: 

Knocking in three against Man City away 24 October 2010

Charity Shield 2014

Arsenal v Leicester: Three historic videos

Scoring against Leeds: the videos