Throughout our discussions with the club over the new ticketing arrangements for men’s matches – and following-up from members complaining about the ballot system – we frequently asked for updates on how well it was working and how fair it was. Although interim results were given by the club and tweaks made, the expectation was always that things would balance out over the course of the season. Only after season’s end could a proper analysis take place and significant changes be made if they were needed.

That analysis has now taken place, and the club has published the results. And the goal of putting tickets ‘”n the hands of our supporters, with a focus on our paying Silver and Red members” seems to be being reached.

The club points to seat utilisation that shows only 24 people failed to use their seat for 17 of the 24 matches included in their season ticket; that 93,000 members obtained tickets via the ballot, Ticket Exchange or Ticket Transfer; and that 73,000 members were successful in the ballot at least once.

Unfortunately, some did fail to get a ticket however, and the club now recognises this and has responded by saying,

“Following consultation with the Arsenal Advisory Board, members who applied to 20 or more ballots and were not successful once will be invited to purchase a ticket from a select number of fixtures before Christmas. This involves around 300 members and ensures those who were unfortunate to miss out will be offered the opportunity to attend a match.”

The ballot has helped us take robust action against ticket touting

Arsenal statement

On the continuing battle to prevent seats being sold at extortionate prices, the club says that as a result of touting, 20,000 members and 54 season ticket holders were banned last season, and that next season, there will be further investment in anti-touting measures, including developing greater online protection, delivering more boots-on-the-ground operations and dedicating more internal resource to take action.

The ballot addresses the problems of the previous system

Arsenal statement

The ballot will be with us again next season. The club states that it enables members to register in their own time, ahead of a clear deadline, and addresses the problem of the previous system which required members to be online to join a queue at a set time. AISA, along with other members of the Arsenal Advisory Board, will be working with the club, to ensure that the system remains fair.

As for progress so far, we are fully behind the efforts the club is making to support supporters, and will work with them and the FSA (the Football Supporters’ Association) to further develop and improve supporter engagement.

The club’s full report is here.

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