You’ve been on the waiting list for how long?

The people on the waiting list for season tickets would fill Wembley stadium. The trouble is, many of those have been waiting for so long, their contact details are out of date or their circumstances have changed. Yet they are still on the club’s list. The result is it’s very hard for the club to predict how long the wait will be, not to mention reaching those who do want a season ticket when they eventually reach the top of the list.

A new waiting list starts now

So the club has a new plan to streamline and bring the system up to date. It starts now. If you are currently on the season ticket waiting list, you should have had an email asking you to click a button if you want to remain on the list. You have until Friday May 6. Once you’ve clicked, you’ll need to do no more. Your position on the list will be unaffected – though you may be higher up if lots of people don’t respond!

If you don’t reply, your deposit will be forfeited

It’s important you do click the link if you want to stay on the list as otherwise, once the deadline has passed, you will automatically be removed from the waiting list. Your non-refundable deposit payment will then be forfeited.

We have received assurances from the club that the Club will not make any profit from forfeited deposits as it will make a matching donation to The Arsenal Foundation.

The club will match the forfeited deposit and donate it to the Arsenal Foundation

If you haven’t had an email or need to know more, here are some answers.

And if you’re still unsure and need help, click here.

The club is talking to supporters’ groups like AISA about this, and we believe that the plan is a positive one. (We at AISA also have members whose contact details are not up to date or working. If you’ve changed yours in the past couple of years, please let us know, here.) Our discussions with the club include ways we think the initial plans might be adapted or improved to make them work better for supporters. We’ll keep members updated as things progress.

But in the first instance, if you are on the waiting list and want to stay on the waiting list, open the club’s email and click the link to let them know.

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