Your questions about My Arsenal Rewards

Supporters will be aware that the Club is planning to launch the ‘My Arsenal Rewards’ scheme at the start of 2021/22 season. Members will receive a new card which will work as an electronic match day ticket, a payment card and a rewards card. 

Details on My Arsenal Rewards can be found here.


You may have already received an email from the club about a Data Amnesty. So that the card is issued in the correct name the Club is introducing a data amnesty to give all Gold Members an opportunity to update their details. If you haven’t you soon will.


We asked the club for further clarification on a number of questions we received from AISA members who had received the ‘data amnesty’ email. 

Q: What is the timescale for the issue of the new card? 

A: Still to be confirmed, but summer 2021, hopefully in time for the 1st game of the season in early August

Q: Can you transfer an adult Gold ticket to a Junior Gunner match per match? 

A: Yes, you can transfer a ticket to anyone who is registered within your network via the Ticket Transfer service on a match-by-match basis. If you do transfer a ticket to a Junior Gunner, please be aware of the ground regulations regarding the minimum unaccompanied age for entry to the Emirates stadium which is 14 years of age. All persons under this age will be required to attend with, and sit adjacent to, an adult (aged 18 and over).

Q: Would this be possible if the Family Enclosure was sold out or not? 

A: Yes, this is possible. The Ticket Transfer service is enabled as soon as a game is placed on sale so season ticket holders can transfer their ticket to a friend or family member from within their network at any time from when the service opens until it closes.

Q: What if someone has two season tickets, both in the name of the person paying for them; they use one of the tickets themselves but take different people to each game i.e. the 2nd ticket is not used by the same person and is not a family member. 

A: In this scenario we would ask that the member uses the Ticket Transfer service to officially record the attendee.

Q: Can you change the season ticket details to a non-family member? 

A: Yes, the data amnesty is an opportunity to officially transfer the season ticket into the details of the person using the seat. This must be done by logging in with the password on the account and if there are any disputes after the change has been made we will revert the details back to the original holder. We will not be held responsible if any funds held on account are withdrawn via the Cashback service.

Q: How will it work if 2 season tickets both currently held in one family member’s name are used by 3 different members of the same family (i.e. mum, dad & son)? 

A: We would ask that two of the season tickets are registered in two of the family members’ names and the Ticket Transfer service is used when the family member who isn’t registered wishes to attend so we have an accurate record of who is attending.

Q: If you just want to use the card just as your entry ticket (as now) and not as a credit card or pre-paid card, can you use another debit/credit card to buy ‘stuff’ either inside the stadium, podium or shop? 

A: Yes, the stadium will continue to take card payments as per the situation before lockdown.

Q: How will the Club ensure the correct person is using the ticket? 

A: We have the Ticket Transfer service available to ensure a member can officially transfer their ticket to a friend or family member from their network to ensure we have an accurate record of who is attending on a matchday.

Q: Will there be ID entry checks as per the covid19 procedures for the few matches fans have been allowed into the stadium this season? 

A: If we welcome back fans and remain in the tier system, similar to previously, and have a reduced capacity then we will follow the guidance from the Government and Premier League. If it is a requirement for all attendees to complete a track and trace form then that will be followed to ensure our fans are entering a safe environment when visiting Emirates Stadium. All important information on what fans can expect when they return to Emirates will be communicated in advance.

Q: Is there going to be a similar data amnesty for other memberships. 

A: We are currently looking at the data held on the remaining membership levels and will make a decision in due course.

More news on the My Rewards scheme when we have it.

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