Watch This Space

After several months of consultation with supporters, the new banners on the outside of the Emirates Stadium are on their way. The faded ‘legends’ banners are in the process of being removed, with the new ones due to be unveiled in January. The Emirates and Arsenal logos will still be central in each area and are still in place . . . except for the one behind the Tony Adams statue.

Expect to see something quite different!

Watch this space!

Above and below:

Before and after – the banners in all their faded glory alongside the raw concrete where others have been removed. And the big logos that are remaining – and the space where a logo has been removed!

2 thoughts on “Watch This Space”

  1. It’s dissapointing it takes so long between removing logos and crests, as well as banners to get new ones up.

    Man City have been able to change them over in hours or overnight for new unveilings, trophies and PL wins.

    I wish arsenal board took as much pride in the stadium and the club.

    1. AISA has been involved with the discussion over the look of the new banners, and there has been a considerable amount of consultation with a diverse group of supporters. I think the delay is a mix of wanting to get something the club felt was right, and technical issues. I would suggest the delay is actually a sign of the club being proud of what is going to be installed. The reveal will be in a few weeks when we will ask specifically what caused the delay. The next step is whether people feel it has been worth the wait. Only seeing them full size will give the answer!

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