The club has announced two changes to the Member ticketing process, that will come in from 15 December.

AISA was present at the Advisory Board this week, where the club’s senior executives and Board of Directors outlined new ticketing arrangements, that have been made public today.

There have now announced two changes to the Member ticketing process, that will come in from 15 December, the date when the ballot registration period will open for the Liverpool Premier League fixture:

  1. The ability for Red and Silver Members to set their first and second choice of price bands when registering for the ballot (They will also be able to indicate they would like to be balloted into any remaining price bands if not successful in their preferred areas.)
  2. Ticket Exchange access will initially be limited to Members who were unsuccessful in the ballot for the relevant fixture. (The Ticket Exchange may open to other Members in the lead up to this game but this will be decided on a game by game basis and the relevant Ticketing Information page will be updated if this is the case.)

At the last Fans’ Forum, we asked how the ballot had been going, havig had numerous complaints from members about not ever ‘winning’ a ticket. the club reports today that:

41 per cent of Arsenal Members (Silver, Red and Junior Gunners) have entered at least one ballot up to and including the West Ham ballot.
• 0.2 per cent of Members have entered all 13 ballots – this equates to 0.2 per cent of Red Members and 1 per cent of Silver Members.
• There are 217 members who have entered every ballot and not been successful in any – this represents 0.2 per cent of all members who have entered at least one ballot.
• Of the 217 members who have been unsuccessful in all ballots, 105 are Red Members, 31 are Silver Members and 81 are Junior Gunners – the majority of this group have subsequently been successful in securing tickets for at least one fixture via Ticket Exchange.

Supporters are being invited to register their interest in taking part in a series of consultation sessions that will take place in early 2024. The intention is to hear from a broad group of supporters across these sessions.

You can find the full release on https://www.arsenal.com/news/mens-mid-season-ticketing-update

Let us know what you think and of any follow-up questions

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