Thoughts from the terraces

Here’s a thought about the Everton sanction, sent to us at AISA.

Anyone else suspicious of the FA’s relatively rapid sanction of Everton and the severe penalty imposed on what appears a fairly weak case? If they are forced to reconsider and back track on the punishment (as seems increasingly likely) then they will have a good reason for letting Man City off their 115 “similar” charges.

Any thoughts?

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1 thought on “Thoughts from the terraces”

  1. My initial thoughts on the Everton sanctions are that the timing of them may have a lot to do with the sad demise of Bill Kenwright who was generally greatly admired in football and who would have been devastated by them. The severity of the sanctions is probably due to the background involvement in Everton of Alisher Usmanov who, like Roman Abramovich, has been declared persona non grata.
    We as fans rarely if ever get to choose who owns our club and the consequences can go very wrong as well as very right. Only time tells us which.

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