The stadium exterior banners

We’ve been part of the discussion and consultation on what should replace the fading ‘legend’ banners around the stadium. We can predict you will be surprised! They are quite different, some you’ll love, some we think you’ll grow to love. The exact date for their installation and unveiling is yet to be confirmed. The club is working with engineers and contractors on what work needs to happen before the banners go up so it will likely be more building works that kick off the project than completing the designs. The hope is it’ll all be ready to unveil when there are no matches at the stadium during the World Cup. They’re big, so how they’ll keep it secret, who knows! But a secret the club wants to keep it, so that there’s maximum ‘wow’ when the time comes.

The information panels beneath the banners will be changed later on, although they will be important in the overall impact of the displays.

A big team worked on the new designs and the changes and final choices were not made without vigorous debate.

As ‘core contributors’, we really hope everyone will admire and enjoy the new look when it appears.

More here when we get it.

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