The pitch is for the players

If you’re going to the Emirates on Thursday, we are making a plea on behalf of the majority of supporters and the club. Please do not run on to the pitch, no matter how excited you are. It doesn’t just disrupt the game or post-match acknowledgements. It’s a criminal offence

The club tells us that all those who have run on to the pitch this season

  • have been caught and arrested
  • have been banned from the stadium or three years

Entering the pitch is a criminal offence

and can lead to being banned

While those running on to the pitch have mostly been 14-17 year-olds wanting to share a moment with a player, it took a nasty turn in the recent FA Cup match between Nottingham Forest and Leicester when a player appeared to be attacked. So accepting pitch incursions, no matter how innocent, is a dangerous road to be travelling.

We’ll have more on stewarding and behaviour in the Emirates on these pages shortly. But for the moment, please share the message: keep off the pitch.

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