Sports minister: “Radical” reform is coming

This week the long-awaited white paper on football governance reform, to include the creation of an independent football regulator, was finally published by the government (the Football Supporters’ Association writes).

Sports minister Stuart Andrew presented to Parliament what he called “the most radical overhaul of football governance since the rules were first invented back in 1863.” The proposals cover key issues around ownership, breakaway competitions, grassroots funding and supporter engagement.

“We have been forced to step in to protect our national game”, said Andrew.

“Clubs will have to show they have sound financial business models and good corporate governance. Secondly, we will strengthen the owner and director test to protect clubs and their fans from careless owners.”

The White Paper has been received positively by supporter organisations and football stakeholders across the country so far.

Football Supporters’ Association chief exec Kevin Miles said: “The football governance white paper clearly addresses our key concerns around ownership, rogue competitions and sustainability and of course we support any proposals that offer fans a greater voice in the running of their clubs.

“We look forward to engaging with the Government on the next steps.”

This article was written by the FSA

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