So you ‘ticket exchanged’ for Wolves

What happens with exchanged tickets for the postponed Wolves match?

Effectively, each ticket is valid for the rearranged fixture the same as it was for the original date.

  • Season Ticket Holders who put their seat on Ticket Exchange and it WASN’T sold will have their card reactivated for the rearranged match. They will have to post again on Ticket Exchange if they still wish to sell their seat. This also applies to a Ticket Transfer that wasn’t accepted.
  • If their seat sold, the sale stands for the rearranged fixture. If the Season Ticket Holder wants to attend the rearranged match, the club will try to sell them a suitable seat elsewhere.
  • If a seat has been transferred and accepted, this transfer is valid for the rearranged fixture. The Season Ticket Holder can’t ‘cancel’ the transfer
  • If a supporter bought a seat on Ticket Exchange and wants to cancel and refund, the club will do so. The seat will then be available for sale for the rearranged match. The Season Ticket Holder can ‘purchase’ their seat back if they wish to attend using the funds on their account.

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