QUIZIT POSSIBLE? A lockdown challenge! Now with answers

Mash together an Arsenal player from his/her squad number with the answer to another question to make another word.

So Arsenal squad number 1+No.1 hit for TLC in 1999 – answer: Bernd Le No Scrubs (Bernd Leno + No Scrubs).

Geddit? Try these, then. Come back here for answers after the Newcastle FA Cup match.

Name the player . . .
Arsenal Squad number

and mash it into:

No.1 hit for TLC in 1999 = Bernd Le No Scrubs
2Mungo Jerry song from 1970. = Hector Beller In The Summerstime
3Cockney pub song about dancing. =Kieran Tier Knees Up Mother Brown
16Christmas carol about ringing bells. =Rob Hol Ding Dong Merrily On High
6Singer of ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and ‘Wonder of You’ = Gabri Elvis Presley
7Bag containing King Edwards. = Bakayo Sack of potatoes
14Longest flow of water in Asia. =Pierre-Emerick Aubamere Yangtze river
24Night time sound and light show. = Reiss Nel Son et lumiere
32Nursery rhyme about life being but a dream = Emile Smith-Rowe row row the boat
35Female singer with No. 1 hits’ Love Me Like You Do,’ ‘Burn,’ and ‘River.’
= Gabriel Martin Ellie Goulding
7 (Arsenal Women)Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes = Daniel Van Der Don Quixote

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