Our match with Chelsea is moved

As you may have read, the Arsenal match at home to Chelsea has been moved to Tuesday, May 2nd at 8pm. This is after it had been confirmed for a 5.530pm kick-off on the previous Saturday.

We tweeted this as soon as the announcement was made, basically saying it is unacceptable. The FSA (Football Supporters’ Association) told us they were willing to help in protesting. We asked supporters to report how it was affecting them and these have been forwarded to FSA. Our Tweets also were directed to the Premier League and to Sky so they can see the damage they are causing.

Many of the comments back have been from people who have made travel arrangements for the weekend, involving flights and hotels, for a match that now won’t be taking place, and others who have used Arasenal’s Ticket Exchange as they couldn’t make the Saturday and now they don’t have a ticket for a match they could have gone to.

We feel it utterly unreasonable and will continue in our efforts to lobby the authorities – and to raise it with the club. It’s a decision forced on them, but we will be urging them – along with all other clubs similarly mistreated – to support their fans.

Let us know your thoughts – and make sure the problems you incur are also made clear to the Premier League, the FSA and Sky.

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1 thought on “Our match with Chelsea is moved”

  1. re change to Chelsea game: where’s the consultation with the fans? this is unacceptable; yet another change to a fixture that had already been changed for tv and has been in people’s diaries for a while; arrangements already put in place to enable FANS to attend it: travel, accommodation and work shifts rearranged but that’s all out of the window & FANS are now unable to attend through no fault of their own and are out of pocket. “Football is nothing without FANS” – what a load of bull. I’m beyond angry. (Sent by email:from Jo Denham)

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