North London is very red – updated 14 January

The news is out and the images of the banners that will adorn the stadium have been shared. Most are very red indeed and looked spectacular on a small scale at the launch. It’s exciting to anticipate how they’ll look when they’re 30′ high!!

We will update this page with further images, including installation. The hope was the banners would be in place before the Manchester United game, but it will take a couple of days to do each, there are eight to install and the windy weather means installation has so far been impossible.

AISA was part of the group that helped define these banners. We are proud that the club was bold enough to try something new (even if some of the legends were not so sure about the removal of their own giant high images) and these dynamic, startling images will give the stadium a new feel, representing the traditions, culture and future of the club, and become a focal point not only for supporters but also, maybe even people across London.

The club has provided background information to the eight new banners, and descriptions like these will appear beneath the banners themselves on the stadium (replacing details of the legend players that are still in place). This will happen some time in the future.

For more images of the exhibition, now closed, scroll down.

Edu tries to make a new signing
Rachel Yankey OBE, 129 England caps
Future legend and young supporter, 11 year-old James Borrell, poses with David Seaman, Wrighty and Lee Dixon
David Seaman spots the image of himself and Bob Wilson, peering from windows in the old East Stand, on the new banner. This artwork will be behind the Tony Adams statue, so it will greet you if you arrive at the stadium from the Arsenal tube
If you want an illustration as to how committed our current team appears to be, here’s one – our club captain was here to meet and greet supporters
Legendary and record-making women’s manager, Vic Akers. The women’s team, past and present, is prominent in the artworks
Paul Davis and George Graham
Charlie George and his image – and an appropriate caption overhead
Sky nab Alan Smith

Watch this space with more to come!

2 thoughts on “North London is very red – updated 14 January”

  1. I like them, a lot. But I wish they’d chosen one with the big badge to greet you over the bridge from the tube. This is the first view many will see when they get to the ground for the first time. Disappointing choice. An excellent opportunity to push the badge missed.

  2. Well done to AISAs Richard Smith for putting this report together and for the great pictures. I was there at the launch at was very impressed with the Club’s commitment to this project. All the feedback so far appears very positive and it will be interesting to see how supporters react when they see it at full height on the outside of stadium walls.
    AISA works closely with Arsenal and if you or your friends would like to be part of the AISA team for future projects please join AISA or put yourself forward to become a committee member.
    North London is RED!!

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