No bang for your buck

This was the scene on Thursday at the Arsenal, the fireworks and flares let off by Zurich supporters. Aside from obscuring the game for many Arsenal supporters – and probably distracting the players – it’s also illegal.

This FSA (Football Supporters’ Association) has said,

‘This weekend the football authorities, FA, Premier League, EFL and Women’s Super League, are repeating their warnings around the dangers of pyrotechnics at football, reminding fans that anyone found in possession or using pyro faces club bans and will be reported to the police.

It’s not always a popular message but we hear from far too many distraught, young fans who get long club bans and criminal records for taking pyro into stadiums. They didn’t know it was illegal or didn’t think they’d be caught.

Supporters are also being invited to an online seminar with pyro expert Dr Tom Smith. Details here

In short, leave the pyros for bonfire night. (And if you’re thinking of other nights, please think of the wildlife, as this post explains.

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