• After the survey we conducted on your views of ‘My Arsenal Rewards’, we asked the club for comment. The response was this.

“I am hugely apologetic for the time it has taken to respond to your My Arsenal Rewards survey. I would like to say thanks again for the time taken to conduct this survey. It is an impressive piece of work that clearly evidences the passion that you and AISA members have for Arsenal Football Club and is greatly welcomed, as with all feedback from fan groups.

“My Arsenal Rewards has had a great first season, yielding positive feedback from fans who have enjoyed experiences that wouldn’t have been possible without My Arsenal Rewards. The results of your survey have raised lots of interesting points that will inform our future decision-making concerning My Arsenal Rewards and help us build on the foundations that have been laid this season. Moving forward we want to develop the My Arsenal Rewards proposition, including the introduction of innovative points redemption mechanics that will benefit fans and the Arsenal community.

“As this season has progressed you will have hopefully noticed an increase in the number of My Arsenal Rewards communications issued by the club to its members, and we intend to continue this trajectory moving into next season where any changes, new rewards and opportunities to earn points will be communicated. Members should be assured that any trophies earned throughout Season 2021/22 will remain in their My Arsenal Rewards accounts and unlike points, will not expire.

“Once again we thank you for the time taken to conduct your research and would like to reiterate its importance to us in our future planning of My Arsenal Rewards.”

We followed up with some further questions.

1) Should Members be getting updates from the club about new Rewards – and other information. It appears some people do, some don’t. Can the club clarify?

2) Also, the purpose of the trophies we keep is still not explained. Do they accumulate so that supporters need this and next season’s trophies to get to any cup final? Or what?

3) We asked for comment (and promise of improvement) on the Adidas Gift Card that expired without a clear expiry date. (Following an AISA member’s experience.)

4) We asked for confirmation that Rewards points awarded for buying Emirates Cup tickets now (i.e. before May 31) will not be included when the points are returned to zero on May 31st! That they are carried over to next season.



The member is referring to the Adidas gift card given to Gold members at the start of Season 2021/22. This was not a My Arsenal Rewards proposition. The member is correct in saying that the gift card expired on 31 December 2021.
As this was not a My Arsenal Rewards initiative I am unable to comment on how/where the expiry date was communicated members.

Before the above reply, it was announced that the points would go to next season. Whether it was our prompting or coincidence, who knows, but at least it's settled!

TROPHIES Communications to Season Ticket holders about what trophies will provide priority ticket access to cup finals, should we reach them, next season will be provided in the run up to the relevant competition.


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