Eddie Hapgood – book and launch event

Eddie Hapgood’s daughter Lynne Hapgood is promoting her book “Eddie Hapgood: From Beyond the Touchline” at Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham in person on Monday 13th June at 19:00 to 20:30.

Lynne is being interviewed by Andy Exley (Historian and Arsenal Publications Manager) about her father and issues raised in her book.

Tickets for the live or Zoom event must be pre-booked and are £3.

Details are on the shop’s booking page website

About the event:

Eddie Hapgood was a young unknown from Bristol who became Arsenal and England captain and a national hero, in the dark days of the 1930s. His impact is so enduring that when the millennium dawned, the public voted him one of the greatest sportsmen of the century. That glorious legacy was painfully achieved. Hapgood considered football an art and played it joyously as part of a team, but he struggled when politics, class and money threatened to undermine him and corrupt football.

By the late 1930s, the ugly shadows of fascism, Nazism and looming war were bearing down on the beautiful game. Hapgood found himself in a public fight for justice and respect, while behind the scenes he protected his family with dedication, love and humour.

In her memoir, his daughter Lynne Hapgood pulls together the various threads – success, celebrity, tragedy and vindication – to reveal the real Eddie Hapgood. She examines the nature of sporting greatness and its impact on fans and family.

At this event Lynne will be in conversation with Andy Exley (Historian and Arsenal Publications Manager) about her father and the issues raised in the book.

(AISA thanks AISA member Nigel Jennings for the heads up!)

7 thoughts on “Eddie Hapgood – book and launch event”

    1. I’ve tried to contact the publishers but they are not responding. It stuck me that if there were sugfficient interest, we could e=invite Lynne Hapgood to do a signing for AISA. But so far, silence. (I tried phoning but the number online took me to a completely different publisher.)

  1. My wife and I travelled from Northampton to Nottingham on Monday night to see Lynne Hapgood interviewed by Andy Exley (Historian and Arsenal Publications Manager) about her book and it was well worth the journey. She was marvellous and friendly and was it an interesting interview with her reading some poignant passages and a Q&A as well. About eighteen people attended so it was a lovely friendly atmosphere and most participated. I bought her book which she kindly signed for us and seemed delighted to also sign her father’s 1945 edition of his autobiography ‘Football Ambassador’ which I took with us.
    Speaking to Andy he confirmed he will be in touch with Richard with a view of doing a similar event with AISA. In response to Gary I don’t think she is doing other talks from what I could make out. Many Arsenal supporters would love to see and hear her I am sure, also fans of other clubs who were there as well, because the book is not just about football, its a history of their social and family life in those momentous times and much more. I highly recommend the book which is extremely well written and absorbing.

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