Digital tickets – questions you’re asking

6) ‘What happens if you want to transfer a ticket from a discounted under 24 ticket to someone over 24? Or can the transfer only go to a ‘young adult’?’

Young Adult and Cannon Season Ticket Holders can utilise Ticket Transfer to transfer their ticket to someone eligible for the sale concession discount. If you are a Young Adult or a Cannon Season Ticket Holder and wish to transfer your seat to an adult, please call Fan Services to upgrade your ticket on 0207 619 5000. Seat checks will be in operation to ensure there is no abuse of the concession discount at the Emirates.

5) What if I want to transfer a ticket to a friend who is not a club member?

To be able to transfer your season ticket(s), the club needs you to compile a list of your friends and contacts you might want to transfer to. Arsenal calls this your ‘network’.

Your network can be found by logging into your account, click on ‘Account Menu (at the bottom) and then ‘Account Management. ‘My network is the first heading beneath it. You ned a membership number to add a person to that list.

If you want to add to that list, but the person is not a member, there’s a form that they need to fill in for themselves. It’s here. This will generate a number that you, that you, season ticket holder, will need to add to your ‘network’.

For those who are already members, you’ll need their membership numbers to add them to your ‘network’.

Then, for each match, you’ll have to go through the process to allocate any tickets to people on your list to people you want to transfer to.

The transfer process is free.

The club explains the whole process here

4) I have more than one season ticket

The club website says: To download multiple digital passes, you must log into each account on the Arsenal app and add them to your wallet via your profile. All digital tickets that you have added to your wallet can be viewed by opening the Wallet app on your phone. When accessing multiple digital passes on your mobile device, you will be able to swipe left and right between different passes to find the correct one to scan.

AISA then wonders how each person then gets into the ground if it’s all on one ticket. Answering the question regarding children without phones, the website says: ‘When approaching the turnstile please have the child’s pass ready first, scan that digital pass and let them go through the turnstile before scanning and entering on your own pass.’

AISA has asked for specific clarification on what happens if there are several tickets/people and they aren’t all together. How can one phone cope with that? We also worry about turnstile congestion while all this is going on. We are promised answers to these and other questions and they will be added to the FAQ.

3) How can I transfer my season ticket?

Ticket Transfer is the only official and legal way for Gold members to transfer their seats. Digital passes can no longer be screenshot and sent onto friends and family.

The club tells us it is preparing a video on Ticket Transfer, so we’ll wait for that before singling it out here.

2) Ticket Transfer

How late can I leave it to transfer a ticket to someone in my friends and family network

Three hours before kick-off (unless otherwise stated)

1) My phone battery has died

If your phone dies on the way to the stadium you can either:

* Take your phone to the South West Collections office (between turnstiles A and S) where the Digital Ticketing Help Centre is located where you can access phone charging facilities


* Go to the box office with your photo ID where they can print you a physical ticket

All Q&As about the new ticketing can be found on the club’s website here and other information is here.

We’ll be taking pieces from the club’s site as often as we can (there’s a lot of it!) and try to cover all the bits you’re asking about and can’t find (that’s if we can!).

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