Dial Square FC is second in the Guildford & Woking Alliance League Premier Division.

The original Dial Square were the forerunners of the Arsenal we know today. The name came from a sundial over the entrance to Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory where the players worked. That was 1886.

The new Dial Square FC was formed in 2020. Its aim is to return to some of the values that appear lost in the multi-billion pound industry that is the Premier League today. Still Arsenal supporters, its not a replacement but for those who want to enjoy again regular 3pm Saturday kick-offs, terraces, and prices that are affordable and accessible for all fans.

The team plays at Abbey Rangers Football Club, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 2QH, though we understand the plan is ultimately to move to Woolwich – where else?!

We’re pleased to welcome them to the AISA family!

For more information about Dial Square, go to their website

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