Community Shield Scheduling – update July 31

Success – KO is now an hour earlier! Let’s hope the powers-that-be recognise the importance of fans and remember that this coming season.

The AISA view (Posted June 20)

The Arsenal Independent Supporters Association notes that the scheduling of the Community Shield on a Sunday evening runs contrary to common sense and ignores the wishes of ordinary match-going fans. The current scheduling arrangement will negatively impact both Arsenal and Manchester City fans, but especially those travelling from Manchester, who will be presented with unnecessarily difficult travel and stay arrangements arising from the decision.

Fans must be considered at the forefront of scheduling

As we have seen often in recent years, match-going fans have been severely affected by decisions and changes imposed upon them by broadcasters and the footballing authorities, often at short notice and with limited ability to adjust. Fans must be considered at the forefront when deciding upon the scheduling of matches.

Football without fans is nothing.

Here’s the BBC Sport take on it”

2 thoughts on “Community Shield Scheduling – update July 31”

  1. Interesting to see the BBC come out against it. I bet my bottom dollar they wouldn’t have written that if they were showing it

    1. And we’re pleased to say that the time has been changed. It might help some Arsenal supporters, and it’s certainly fairer on City. Most important is that it creates a precedent/realisation that fans matter. We can but hope! But, as we said in our Tweet, we hope our voice and dissent to the powers helped contribute. Shows what fans can do if they unite.

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