UPDATE: The match on Saturday at the Emirates recorded another record in food and toiletry donations and in cash/card donations. Thank you and well done volunteers and donors. The next collection will be before the Everton game, when there will be some special enticements to donate!!

Previously we wote:

Both men’s and women’s teams have big fixtures this weekend – and at each stadium there are foodbanks. If you’re coming to the Emirates, it opens at 10.30. And cash and cardlesss donations can be made, as well as food. The donation point is opposite turnstile entrances F and G, across from the mural of the old stadium.

A reminder on the produce that’s needed

Tins of meat

Tinned fish

Baked beans

Tinned soup

Tinned fruit

Rice and pasta

Shower gel



And if you’re going to watch the WPL match in Manchester, they have a foodbank, too. It opens at 2.15pm

Thanks everyone.

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