MY ARSENAL REWARDS – your questions answered

We’ve had feedback on Arsenal rewards. Here are the club’s answers.

How can I join My Arsenal Rewards?

All paid members and season ticket holders automatically have access to My Arsenal Rewards. To access the My Arsenal Rewards hub, the member will need to log in to or the Arsenal Official app with their membership number and password and select ‘My Arsenal Rewards account’.

How do I activate my card?

To activate your card for payment you will need to have the latest version of the Arsenal Official app installed on your smartphone device. Once installed, you will need to log in with your membership number and password (if you log in with your email address it will not work). Once logged in, you will be presented with the opportunity to ‘Manage prepaid card’. Once this link is clicked, you will be able to follow the Barclays Pingit screen flows to register the card for payment

I have received the card. I do not have the Arsenal Official App. Can I do this signing in online or at the Box office at the stadium?

Unfortunately, the Arsenal Official app is required to register the card for payment. The member can still access the My Arsenal Rewards hub via when following the instructions mentioned above.

How do I put money onto my Visa card?

Once the My Arsenal Rewards card has been activated for payment, the member will have the opportunity to set up an auto top up or manually load funds onto their My Arsenal Rewards card after selecting the ‘Manage prepaid card’ link the Arsenal Official app after signing in with their membership number and password.

9 thoughts on “MY ARSENAL REWARDS – your questions answered”

  1. AISA: Not sure how to answer that for you! Not knowing the inner workings of the Rewards system, I can’t say specifically why you don’t have 1000 points. They do say it takes several days for points to appear. We’d need more details about your account to ask the club, which you can do by emailing us at [email protected]. But there is a contact section on the My Rewards site where you could ask and that’ll be linked to your account – have you tried that? If you don’t get a reply, that’ll be something we can also chase.

  2. My new silver membership has been sent to the wrong address, but the change membership details page will not save the new info I have entered. I also cannot get through on the phone so cannot purchase tickets or gain entry to the ground. What can I do? The club have ignored my emails. Please help.

    1. I believe this has now been resolved. We did raise it with the club and they quickly looked into it for us. But we will be raising again the length of time it takes to get any sort of response from Box Office

  3. My ticket for the game on Saturday 27th November is not showing within the rewards part of Google pay. Should it be there by now, or is there still time for it to appear? Thanks for your help

    1. The answer from the club is:

      The supporter needs to ensure his settings allow updates. If this is an Android phone, which I assume it is if it is Google Pay, they need to click on ‘details’ near the bottom of the screen and will see the next match info on there. It is slightly different on Apple phones.

      If this supporter is a MBM purchaser and not a season ticket holder they would have received an email with their tickets attached as a PDF. Within the body of the email is a button to add these to their wallet.

      If they believe they have a ticket and neither of these resolve the issue they can contact the Fan Services Team by email [email protected] (putting Newcastle in the subject line will ensure this is prioritised over later fixture enquiries) or by telephone on 020 7619 5000

    1. When you go to, if you click on the head and shoulders silhouette in the top right (next to ‘Junior Gunners’) a box will appear, asking you to log in. You need your Arsenal membership number and password. Once you’re in, your balance will show beside your name that’ll pop up next to the Junior Gunners heading. Click on that and it’ll load information about your points and activities. If you’ve not already registered, it will ask you to, and to create a password. Then you should be up and running!

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