Are you still missing your first match ‘trophy’?

After the entry problems at the Forest game, many season ticket holders found they had gained ‘points’ but not a first attendance ‘trophy’ in their online Rewards account. These are essential as the club counts how many matches attended, with a minimum of 17 required to enable you to apply for a season ticket next year.

The club has rectified the omission and says all members should now have been awarded the the missing ‘trophy’. Your Rewards ‘Challenges’ page should look like the image above. (At least, the club add, ‘so as long as they had a valid ticket and didn’t use ticket transfer or exchange.’ We’re checking on what this means.)

Please check your ‘Rewards account‘ and look at ‘Challenges’. If you attended the Forest match but don’t have a trophy to show for it, please let us know, along with your membership number. The club wants to be sure the problem is fully resolved, and fix it if anyone is still missing their credit. (And if you have been credited now but weren’t previously, let us know that, too.)

AISA committee (August 22)

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