AISA joins with FSA in its opposition to European Super League

The Football Supporters’ Association has today issued a statement, making clear its opposition to the plans to create a European Super League. AISA has been part of the discussions and is a signatory to the statement.

The statement begins:

‘We are all united in our opposition to the creation of a European Super League—an unpopular, illegitimate, and dangerous scheme in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of fans.

It would destroy the European model of sport, which is based on commonly accepted principles such as sporting merit, promotion and relegation, qualification to European competitions via domestic success, and financial solidarity. In the process, it would also undermine the economic foundations of European football, concentrating even more wealth and power in the hands of a dozen or so elite clubs.

We recognise that the game is in desperate need of broad reform. But proposals to this end must seek to revive the competitive balance in European competitions, protect domestic leagues, promote the interests of fans, and encourage fairer revenue distribution. A European Super League would achieve none of these objectives—quite the opposite.’

The statement goes on to cover

Sporting Merit & European Competitions

Protect Domestic Competitions

Defend Fans & Fan Culture

Fairer Revenue Distribution & Sustainability

Dialogue with Fans & Other Stakeholders

For the full statement, go the FSA site

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