ABOUT SATURDAY – Get in early and a drinks’ offer

We, at AISA Towers, are getting numerous individual enquiries about digital ticketing.

Common comments include, ‘Judging by the way the membership and ticketing pages of Arsenal’s website have been designed – which my programmer / coder daughter found as difficult to navigate as I do – the club needs to reconsider whether its current software supplier is doing a good enough job.’

Some of the questions are often very specific, and relate to concerns over access to the game against Fulham. We’re sorry to say we don’t have answers for them all. What we would suggest is that you arrive as early as you can and go to the Ticketing Help Desk. This is South West Collections Office which is located across from Turnstile A. It’s open on Saturday 26 August (Fulham): 12:00 – 15:00 (and again Sunday 03 September – Manchester United – 13:30 – 16:30). The club also asks that you notify them if you’re planning to do that – though it is a Drop In Centre, so you’d also hope you can just ‘drop in’!

And the club website’s help desk is quite good at responding. You can always try that.

Because the questions are so diverse, it’s hard for us to make specific representations, aside from repeating to the club that there’s a lot not going well at the moment – but they surely know this.

Our advice to our members and supporters is to arrive early – and the club is offering offers on a range of drinks in the stadium including pints of beer from £4.15

Our advice to everyone is to arrive early (there are Early Bird offers on drinks) especially if you have a worry. Mostly, they’re easy to resolve – that’s if you’re a programmer/coder. We know this is not a situation that reflects well on our club, and we’re doing all we can to help our members and supporters, but in the short-term, if you’re not sure about anything, please don’t leave it to the last minute.

August 24

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