Arsenal anniversaries 21 to 27 February

21 February 2006: beating Real Madrid away in the Champions League

22 February 1913: Gillespie Road named in the press as Arsenal’s new home, for the first time.

22 February 2003: Arsenal beat Manchester City 5-1 – the video

23 February 1913: Tottenham demand the league prohibit Arsenal from moving to Highbury

23 February: Arsenal swamp Everton, the video

24 February 1964: William Garbutt, the Arsenal player who took football to Italy, and who is still revered in that country as the founder of football, passed away.

25 February 1889: The Arsenal manager who never was

25 February 1998: Beating Palace in the mud – the video

26 February 1977: So bad you couldn’t make it up.

26 February 2012: Arsenal beat Tottenham 5-2 the glorious video

27 February 2010: An eternal stain

27 February 2019: Five players score for Arsenal – the video