9 March 2008

St Totteringham Day was celebrated by Arsenal fans worldwide as the day when Arsenal reach a number of points that cannot be overtaken by Tottenham Hotspur.  Sadly it looks like we might not have one this year, but there was a time when it was a fixture in the calendar.

In 2003/4 this day was reached with an amazing 10 games to go.  But in 2008 that record was smashed as Tottenham still had 11 games to go when they found to their dismay that they could not overtake Arsenal’s 65 points (currently having just 32 points).

What made this even more amazing is that this was the year in which it was almost universally predicted by pundits, failed managers and the hangers on that Arsenal would slip into mid-table and the all-conquering Tottenham would end up 4th.

It did of course eventually happen, although the bit about all conquering Tottenham hasn’t quite emerged yet.