19 June 2009: Thomas Vermaelen signed from Ajax for £10m

This was the only significant signing for Arsenal this summer.

But apart from signing a very good player the transfer was of interest because over time it helped highlight how Arsene Wenger made the books balance at Arsenal – something that was essential in these days of paying off the stadium debt.

At this time two players left Arsenal: Adebayor went to Manchester City for £25m on 20 July.  He had cost just £3m three years earlier, and as a quick profit sale must rank alongside Anelka who moved from £250,000 to £25m also in three years.  Three years after joining City he was told he was not part of their plans and could leave.

So a fine deal with Arsenal for a player who was already causing problems.

Nine days after taking Adebayor Manchester City also took Kole Toure for £16m.  He had cost £150,000 in 2002.

In short Arsenal made £32m profit for those two players.  In the case of Vermaelen he moved on to Barcelona for £17m – but remained injured for most of this time there.