A thank you message from AISA on PPV

In the week leading up to Arsenal’s home match with Leicester City on Sunday, the first Arsenal game to be aired on satellite TV via pay-per-view, we at AISA joined with other fans groups to call for a boycott. 

We suggested that instead of paying £14.95 to the PL or Sky fans might like to offer a donation to charity. We suggested a £15 donation Islington Food bank might be a better use of the money. We also supported calls to donate money to other local charities like Islington Giving.

Today Islington Food Bank have informed us that they raised £5,000 last week, a significant increase as a result of ordinary Gooners dipping into their own pockets. Islington Giving have received around £35,000 meaning that this boycott has raised £40k for local charities. 

This shows the generosity of Arsenal fans (of all fans as similar boycott campaigns have brought in tens of thousands in donations) and reiterates the sense of injustice we have at being exploited as football supporters. 

No one minds paying to watch football, which is why so many of us subscribe to Sky or BT. We all expect to pay to watch football; which is why we buy season tickets and memberships. But amidst a global pandemic when we are all making sacrifices and thousands are struggling football is a welcome distraction, and it should be an affordable one. If the clubs and broadcasters want us to pay to view that’s fine, but make the cost more reasonable. 

So thank you to everyone that donated money to Islington Food Bank. AISA will continue to demand that Arsenal fans are treated fairly and to support campaigns that require clubs and the football authorities to take us seriously. We have the chance to tell them what we think again on Sunday week when we face Villa in the 7.15 kick off. If you’d like to donate to Islington Food Bank the link is here.

Enough is Enough

Drew (AISA Chair) 

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