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The Arsenal History Society likes to think we’ve done more than anyone else to correct the errors that have crept into the telling of Arsenal’s history over the years.
So, to keep you on your toes we have set ten quiz questions. Mostly they are quite straightforward but we have thrown in a couple of tricky ones. The first five are on the early days of the club, and second half on the Wenger years.

The early days

  1. As you will probably know, Arsenal didn’t start playing football in Islington. But where exactly did Arsenal play its first ever match?
  2. After a while Arsenal settled down to play at the Invicta Stadium. Where was that?
  3. Why did the club, from the very early days, have the word “Arsenal” in its name?
  4. In 1913 Arsenal moved from south London to north London. What was the name of the ground Arsenal played in, in the south, and what ground did they move to in the north?
  5. What was the name of Arsenal’s chairman who organised Arsenal’s move in 1913?

The Wenger years

  1. What year did Arsene Wenger come to Arsenal?
  2. Where had Mr Wenger been working before coming to Arsenal?
  3. Who were the first two players that Arsene Wenger transferred to Arsenal?
  4. How many league titles and how many FA Cups did Mr Wenger win with Arsenal?
  5. Mr Wenger achieved a remarkable record in terms of English clubs in the
    Champions League. What was that?

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